Francis M, Rest In Power


Francis Magalona


The filmmaker, like his fellow artists in different media, has now realized that the artist is also a public person. He does not work in isolation from society. Instead of working alone in his ivory tower he is a citizen of the slums, of the streets, of the battlefield if need be. The artist is always a participant. He tries to be true not only to his craft but also to himself. For it is the supreme duty of  the artist to investigate the truth, no matter what  forces attempt to hide it. And then to report it to  the people, to confront them with it, like a whiplash  that will cause wounds but will free the mind from the various fantasies and escapist fare that the Establishment pollutes our minds with.

To the best of our abilities, and even if we oftentimes fail, we want to do works that will hurt, films that will disturb, films that will not make you rest. For the times are really bad, and given times like these, it is a crime to rest. We can not rest, and we should not, while theres a fellow Filipino starving in Negros, an Aquino or Galman crying for justice, a salvage victim lying in a mountain of garbage while a corrupt family rules the country  with uncontrolled power and wealth. While it is the  duty of the artist to work for what is true, good, and beautiful, first we have to expose and fight what is wrong.

In these times when most of the media hide the  truth from us, when most of what we get from the  media are silly gossip and petty flesh and  sensationalized crimes, we go to the streets to  find out what’s happening. We listen to those artists who dare risk their lives and livelihoods, who

reiterate once more the utmost duty of the artist—that the artist is a committed person, that he will always take the side of any human being who is  violated, abused, oppressed, dehumanized whatever his instrument—the pen, the brush, or  the camera.”

– Lino Brocka
Artist as Citizen


One Response to “Francis M, Rest In Power”

  1. […] was Alex. Later that night, I went to ALAY’s In Progress Open Mic and shared Lino Brocka’s “All to the Filipino Artist” to pay tribute to our beloved kasama Alex. It was cathartic for me, to engage in an artform Alex […]

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