A native of Los Angeles, Ryan Leano graduated in 2005 from SFSU, where he received his master’s degree in Asian American Studies with an emphasis on Pin@y Critical Cultural Production, culminating in his thesis entitled, “The Rhythm of a Nation: The Filipin@ American Movement in Hiphop Dance.” During his graduate studies, he was a student-teacher in PEP, developing lesson plans that combined Pin@y studies and performance art. This led to his current occupation as a team leader at the Filipino Education Center’s Galing Bata afterschool program. Ryan was also a b-boy, dancer, and choreographer as a member of Team Millennia, a Hiphop dance company based in Fullerton, CA, which allowed him to train professionally in the Los Angeles dance industry. Recognizing that art can not be independent from social consciousness, he considers himself an artist/activist/educator, working with like-minded community artists on projects that incorporate Hiphop dance, interpretive movement, and visual media, with Pin@y Indigenous music and dance. He is currently a college lecturer and a PEP teacher at City College of San Francisco, as well as a dancer for the new Hiphop dance crew called the Soulidified Project.


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